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TO: Human Resources and Recruitment Team,


RE: Your recruitment of new and dedicated professionals to your team


I am a believer that our environment affects our behavior and our behavior changes our environment.  Sir Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”  Work environments are very much like that.  But while our physical work environments are already created, we are still creating the culture within them.

Together, let’s make sure we create

  • a good security structure,
  • a great work culture,
  • an excellent safety environment,
  • and a fantastic client experience.


I am a dedicated professional with over a decade of success in project coordination, health and safety, labor, security, and training to uphold regulatory compliance, work excellence, and project requirements. I blend a committed work ethic with integrity and communication skills to perform job tasks in a timely manner within fast-paced and changing on-site environments. I can demonstrate cross-collaboration with different companies, contractors, workers and management systems to implement solutions. I am an accredited National Construction Safety Officer, a Medical First Responder, a recognized trainer, and a security and investigator professional.  I have many core industry capabilities, training, and a broad background to talents to draw from while operating in my new role within your company.


Please review my resume to see how my future professional development, my current environment and my past experiences benefit you as my new employer.



Kristin Gudim